Pat Peterson, retired nurse (Episode 8).

Pat Peterson, retired nurse (Episode 8).


These Head-to-Toe podcast episodes are mini-biographies of healthcare professionals. Their collective experiences range from 1950s-2010s. From working iron lungs and candy-striping, to hospice, administration, and Big Pharma - step into a bit of history from these who have witnessed the human condition over time and built the bricks of healthcare practice today.

“Camp Nursing is Awesome” - Marianne Rudd, RN

“I think I’ll always feel like a nurse” - Cathy Kuhl, RN (retired)

“God is here, give him your chair” - Beth Reid, RN (retired) 1931-2017 (Her obituary can be found here)

“I would do it all again and I wouldn’t change a thing” - Pat Peterson (retired)

A personal history in Big Pharma - Jean Masonek, RN/Drug Safety Officer (retired)

“There are no boundaries to the human condition” - Linda Sorenson, RN (retired)

“It gave me a good career. It gave me a good life.” - Eileen Anderson, RN (retired) and Reiki master

“In truth they’re just beautiful stories of inspiration…thirteen really unique messages.” - Carmen Buck, RN/Nurse Practitioner/Photographer/Author - multi-generational stories of Alzheimer’s patients

Echos on the Heart: a hospital romance - Mike and Pat Cyll, retired echocardiographer and retired nurse, married over 40 years. Warning: Swooning may occur. 

Mixing Medicine and Art - Jorge Muniz, PA-C / Illustrator / Author

Dr. Dan’s Five Tips for Thriving in Emergency Medicine - Dr. Dan Magdziarz

Career Profile: Anne Richardson, chaplain & spiritual director. “Our stories are sacred” – a discussion about spirituality in healthcare

The five graduates interviewed in “Graduation” (Episode 23).

The five graduates interviewed in “Graduation” (Episode 23).


Explore trending issues in healthcare via interviews with respiratory therapists, legal experts, advocates for protecting healthcare workers, new graduates from medical and nursing programs, and more.

Beyond the Novice Level - Dr. Lauretta Krautscheid, University of Portland

Alzeihmer’s = worse than Ebola. Fun at the OHCA convention 2016

Violence in the Workplace - MOAB President and CEO Mike O’Malley

#SilentNoMore The origin story - with Angela Simpson

Graduation - interviews with five 2018 graduates; from undergrad to medical school, med school to residency, residency to fellowship, nursing school to RN, and grad school to nursing fellowship with NASA

Speaking Tidal Volumes about RTs - from tank jockeys to ECMO pumps, Chris Webb, RRT and Jon Inkrott, RRT, RRT-AACS, flight respiratory therapist, shed light on the breathing thing.

Legal Issues in Nursing - Jeff Powers of “The NP Dude” podcast gives us free legal advice on the challenges APRNs and RNs face

Interview with cancer-free patient Dean Hall, “Swimming in Miracles” (Episode 26).

Interview with cancer-free patient Dean Hall, “Swimming in Miracles” (Episode 26).


ex·traor·di·nar·y - adjective - very unusual or remarkable - synonyms: remarkable,  exceptional,  amazing,  astonishing,  astounding,  sensational,  stunning,  incredible,  unbelievable,  phenomenal

From WTF factor to heart-warming, from sad to gratifying, from feeling the worst to pumping your fist in the air, here are the very best stories of the podcast. Here you’ll find true stories from the front lines of healthcare.

Best Stories 2016 - The inaugural annual end-of-year episode, stories from four nurses

Best Stories 2017 - “All the feels” version From using fake lighstabers in adolescent psych to finding transgender patients housing, listen to make your insides feel warm and fuzzy.

Best Stories 2017 - “Making a difference” version From books published, to improving state health metrics, to starting a podcast from scratch, to supporting medical students in the Third World - get your inspiration to make the world a better place, right here.

Baptized in blood, and here’s another chart - Dr. Zahir Basrai, Emergency Medicine physician

Finding the Zebras - Jonathan Tan, PA-C, primary care

Wellness in Warzones - Nina Ng, RN / NGO volunteer coordinator in the Middle East

Dean Hall is Swimming in Miracles - cancer-free after swimming the length of a historic river. No chemo. No joke. No giving up.