Is this thing on?

I spent a few hours yesterday opening and assembling boxes of audio equipment. Disclaimer: I have no experience in recording audio at all. And I decided to start a podcast.....riiiiiiight.

YouTube and le internet has been super helpful, as has my sister an expert recording technician herself. Stay tuned for a hilarious mashup video of me putting all this together. 

Still trying to recruit podcast guests. Proving pretty difficult to find any interest. Maybe I should start that Twitter feed the mean time, check out my intro audio clip at the end of the PODCAST page.


The News is I'm new.

I launched a website! news, yet. Are you a nurse reading this? Do you know any colleagues retiring or already retired? Click PODCAST. Are you a literary agent looking for narrative nonfiction book and you're also reading this post? (Holy Crap it worked!) Email me if you feel so inclined.

Or, just Google Amy Schumer. Equally entertaining.*

Your friendly neighborhood Regular Nutcase,

-Marie   (*subjective opinion)