a series of interviews with experienced medical professionals;        illuminating healthcare's history while shedding light on its future.

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Episode 12 - Violence in the Workplace: "I'm sorry, we don't do brain transplants." Wanting the impossible, balancing customer service with safe patient care, and worrying about how you'll clock out unscathed. Special episode with MOAB President and CEO Mike O'Malley, veteran nurse Sharona, and host Marie MacMillan.

Episode 11: "There are no boundaries to the human condition." A personal history in nursing - Linda Sorensen, RN Patient names have been "bleeped" in order to protect patient privacy in accordance with HIPPA.

Special 1st birthday episode including a healthcare news roundup, March for Science, and Nelly's chart topper. Hearing Myself Talk Vol. 2!

Drugs, FDA, and “Viagra the Musical” – I learned so much from Jean Masonek. If you give drugs, take drugs, prepare or prescribe drugs, are interested in pharmaceuticals at all this whole episode is soooo worth a listen.

Interview with 86-year-old Pat Petersen, lifelong Oregonian and retired registered nurse. She talks to me about her schooling, working while having a family, leading support groups for caregivers of Alzheimer’s patients, and volunteering with hospice by providing respite care in the home. She is a wonderful woman who loves to talk and I’m so honored she shared her life story with me.

Beth Reid has more than 40 years of nursing history to speak from. Graduating from school in 1954 and retiring from the profession in 1995 - she gives us a glimpse into decades of change and personal memories from the frontline of modern healthcare. She reflects on what she would change and what is changing. "God is here; give hime your chair" is only a taste! Listen to the whole episode for more.

Best Stories 2016! Peanut butter sandwiches, hospital pillows, baseball, and knowing it’s worth it.

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Episode 4 - Guest-less, I share some of my own thoughts and stories.

Your IQ will go up listening to this one.

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Experienced medical professionals (RN, RT, CNA, techs, therapists, physicians, ethicists, administrators, etc) willing to sit down for less than an hour and talk about their personal history in medicine, share a patient story that has stuck with them, what has kept them in healthcare, how they would change the system, and more. Email me at macmillanpages@gmail.com if you're interested in joining me! 

Have a crazy patient story? Not your every day run-of-the mill mediocre stories, I mean the most ridiculous memorable patient story you got. That one you repeat at staff barbecues and laugh at in the locker room until you cry. I'm thinking of a special *Not Your Best Day At Work* compilation episode. HIPPA-fied of course. Email me! if you think you got something juicy enough!

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