I decided to date myself. Literally.

So...this book isn't about nursing or healthcare. This book is about me and my story of mending a broken heart.

Like many journeys, the impetus for this one was personal tragedy: your basic Boy breaks Girl’s heart archetype.

However, this is not a tale about the breaking, but of the putting back together. 

I made a list, a List of fifty Dates to go on with myself.

It varied from different things to do, places and events to experience, spirits to drink and foods to eat, times to relax, challenges I didn’t have the balls to face, and much more.

This memoir from a determined-to-move-on Millennial is about a year of hitting the reset button.

It’s about balancing bonafide self-indulgence and becoming a better version of myself.

It’s about new adventures in the uncertain realm of being single and unattached, sprinkled with side stories of inappropriate hilarity.

I hope you get to enjoy reading it at least half as much as I enjoyed living it.

~ Coming 2019 ~


The Reboot: 50 Dates with Myself won 2nd Place in Memoir in the 2017 PNWA Literary Contest.

 To read the prologue, click here.

No. 21 Enter a contest

Yes this is real.

Yes this is real.

No. 8 Visit the Oregon History Museum

no. 5 go kayaking

no. 14 Visit the Grotto

hope you can Check out the book soon to find out the rest! Stay tuned...

All website photography credits go to myself or my friend Cate Blanchett.*

*In my book, I’ve changed people’s names to protect their anonymity/sanity, but also because it is super hilarious to typecast friends, family, and strangers into celebrity molds. I might have an IMDB.com problem

No. 3 make a meal entirely out of farmer's market purchases

no. 32 go to a fashion week event

no. 25 go on a walking tour somewhere

Figure 1. Marie's unfortunate tinder algorithm

Yes this is real.

Yes this is real.

No. 9 Geek Trivia Night

Real Streetfighter battle.

Real Streetfighter battle.

No. 17 Tour Pioneer Courthouse

No. 24 See a Show at Roseland Theater