Hi there, I'd like to tell you about my...

...podcast idea...it's really nerdy. It's about history and medicine and nursing and the effects of extensive healthcare careers on people and....hello? Hello? Are you still there?

I've sent some emails and made some calls and accosted coworkers who have a mom or dad or estranged relative who is retired from healthcare. I've got one promise from one person to interview in April. It's a start. I'll take it.

Meanwhile, working hard to keep gathering potential guests, writing short stories, working on a play, but mostly taking naps and writing short poems about how too tired I am to work on any of it. They start like this: "I'm too tired / I'm too tired / I'm too tired..." Yawn. 

Adulting can be hard sometimes. And it can be really awesome sometimes.  Exhibit A below from the Most Amazing Man on the Planet. Also a writer. Also a person probably at this moment thinking how hard it can be sometimes to balance income-related work with creative work and get your laundry done/bills paid/dinner made. But we make time for the important things :) 


PS: I submitted my book manuscript to lit agent #1. Dear Lit Agent  #1, if you are reading this - WOW that is so unbelievably rad you made it to the inner parts of my website. Crazy! Talk soon?