Look, I'm a talking head on the internet!

I’m very excited to report a new partnership with allnurses.com. I’ve written a feature article for their website and an accompanying video! Yes, video. I am now a talking head on the internet. Neat! I was apprehensive at venturing into this medium to be honest; but as my husband reminded me I was just as apprehensive at starting a podcast three years ago and here I am planning for the Third Annual “Best Stories” episode. I have endless gratitude for my friend, neighbor, and quasi-cousin Ruthann who helped me get set up with my phone on a tripod and lectured me enthusiastically about lighting. I think the end result turned out pretty well for a first try! I used Filmora to edit and add text effects, sent it to allnurses, and it is now up on their YouTube channel. Check it out!

As far as the content itself - I really do stand by those five tips for new graduate nurses. It is advice I would give anyone just starting work after graduation. To see the article click the link below, and to see the video just scroll down!

Looking forward to more podcasting, writing, and video content producing! 2018, wow you’ve had some twists and turns. What’s up next? New job? New family member? New tattoo? Stay tuned.