Fan Mail Mondays April 2018

So I started a new thing. I've have this running list on my phone's note app entitled "People I need to write fan mail to." I'm always adding to it. The bullet points vary from Amy Schumer, to Mark Hamill, to Ruth Bader Ginsberg. I decided to use the fan mail as a writing exercise, but also because these people deserve lots of credit and everyone deserves a little appreciation now and then. Here are my emails to:

  • Olan Rogers, creator of 2018 sci-fi TV adventure FINAL SPACE
  • Olivia Sanchez, senior student and rowing team athlete at University of Portland who wrote this op-ed in the university paper The Beacon. It is a #metoo story not to be missed

Enjoy. I'll be sure to post replies IF I get them. And, also go watch FINAL SPACE and read that article! Cheers, ~MMac



Moon Cake

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